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The switch head of A. BILL displacer type level switch is rotate able. The cable entry is provided with ¾" / 1" ET or ½" / ¾" NPT threading. After loosening the cover and removing the same, rotate the switch head in the desired direction so as to make the cable laying work most convenient. Where conduit is to be connected, lay the same up to the cable entry preferably using flexible conduit at the level switch end. While laying the conduit ensure that there is no chance of accumulated condensate flowing inside the level switch. Use condensate / Moisture trap if required. Now pass the cable/cables leaving desired numbers of cores through the conduit and the cable ends inside the switch head.

Alternatively, provide suitable cable gland at the Level switch cable entry and use annored cable (without conduit) and directly wire the same to the Level switch terminals. Remove any restriction provided to stop the movement of switches during transit.

Fit back cover. In case of Non-flameproof type, tighten the blank nut provided at the top of the cover. Whore weatherproof cover is provided, ensure that the sealing ring is properly positioned. Cover for flameproof type Level switch is to be screwed on the switch head.

The Level switch can now be commissioned by switching on the power supply. Following adjustments can be done if required :- a) 1f the tilting of switch is not proper, the same can be adjusted with help of spring loaded screw provided for the purpose.

'A. BILL' Displacer Operated vertical Level switches hardly need any maintenance. During shut down, the displacers and wire rope should be cleaned and condition of wire rope checked. If there is tendency of extraneous matters depositing on the top surfaces of the displacers. displacers having conical tops should be used instead.

Replace switch assemblies, individual switches and other parts as and when required. Complete switch assemblies can be removed by loosening the two screws holding the same on the sleeve pipe.

Individual mercury switches can be pulled out (after disconnecting wires) and replaced by pushing the same between the spring clamps. While re-fitting mercury switch ensure that weight of the sanie is equally distributed. Micro switch can be removed by taking out the screws holding the same. After re-fitting the micro switch ensure that switch is operating properly. To achieve this it may be necessary to properly position the micro switcth before tightening the screws holding the same.


The magnetically coupled, without any power requirement.


A. BILL flow switch detects positively the flow in a pipe line.


A. BILL range of Vertical Switches offers a choice of single.


The switch head of A. BILL displacer type level switch is rotate able.


A. BILL Level switch detects positively the level of the liquid.