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Flow Switches

A. BILL flow switch detects positively the flow in a pipe line when the same exceeds or declines beyond the pre-set limits.

• Audio-visual signal or alarm  for critical flow.
•Cooling systems for electronic  tubes. expensive machine  bearings, cutting tools,  transformers, compressors and  spot-welding machines.
•Hot water space heating and chilled water systems.
• Fire sprinkler systems, liquid transfer, water purification and treatment plants.
• Actuating/tripping of motors, fans, burners, pumps etc.
• Blending and additive systems.

• Packless Construction isolates the switch compartment from process fluids and  pressure in the pipe line.
• Actuation of switch is triggered off through break or make of permanent  magnetic field eleminating mechanical Connection between pressure  compartment and switch compartment.
• Five different models for wider selection depending upon the process  requirements.
• Sizes: 15mm (i’) to 400mm (16’).
• Operating range: 100 c.c./min to 7000 LPM.
• Types of flow switches: Diaphragm operated, convertible paddle or convertible  disc.
• Adjustable as well as fixed operating.

• Choice of mechanisms operating micro switches, mercury switches or   pneumatic switches.
• Provision of cable gland entry and terminal block for easy electrical connection.
• Wider range of materials of constructions to suit specific applications like  corrosive fluids, high pressures or varying temperatures.
•Technical expertise of almost two decades goes into design and manufacturing   of A. BILL products.

The diaphragm models have outstanding operating characteristics. They take less than 1 .55/0.5 LPM (0.40/0.1 5 GPM) respectively to trip the switch; then orifice snaps wide open instantly to create free passage for flow through the switch body.

The convertible paddle model is designed for handling various proces5 fluids including corrosive ones with varying conditions of pressures and temperatures. The characteristics are field adjustable and can be adapted to any pipe size by just changing the paddle.

The convertible disc models have been designed for heavier duty but at the same time it can sense the fluid flow very accurately. It has fixed characteristics with a particular disc. A set of discs can be furnished if actuation at other flows is desircd.


The magnetically coupled, without any power requirement.


A. BILL flow switch detects positively the flow in a pipe line.


A. BILL range of Vertical Switches offers a choice of single.


The switch head of A. BILL displacer type level switch is rotate able.


A. BILLLevel switch detects positively the level of the liquid.