Welcome to A. BILL Engineers

A. BILL Engineers has been exclusively and successfully involved in manufacturing process control instruments and equipments for the industries like Chemicals, Fertilizers, Textiles, Refineries, Paper Mills, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Oil - Natural Gas, Nuclear Energy, Steel, Cement, Ceramics, Power, Pharmaceuticals, Leather, Sugar and more. The product range of the company consists of Magnetic Level Switches, Magnetic Level Gauges, Controllers and Indicators, Magnetic Flow Switches, Flow Indicators.

Magnetic Level Gauge


The magnetically coupled, without any power requirement.


A. BILL flow switch detects positively the flow in a pipe line.


A. BILL range of Vertical Switches offers a choice of single.


The switch head of A. BILL displacer type level switch is rotate able.


A. BILL Level switch detects positively the level of the liquid.